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Clay is the basis for all Creation... For some, it is the
Clay is a bio mineral of various colors depending on its composition. Our clay is a non swelling clay.

This clay will always be at its purest and highest quality.

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How Can Green Clay Help You?

One of the most remarkable characteristics of illite clay is its ability to act according to each person's specific needs. Unlike chemical medicines, which can destroy healthy tissues and beneficial bacteria as well as bad, illite clay is selective allowing healing to take place at a natural rate. Green Clay also possesses analgesic properties effective in relieving muscular or joint pains by decongesting the affected area. 

internal uses..

Preferably the Ultra ventilated clay may be used internally, thanks to its consistency, composition and cleanliness. Illite is the clay of election for internal use because it has a specific molecular structure which allows an extremely high adsorption as well as absorption capacity. By acting as a strong detoxifying agent, green clay removes whatever hinders the healthy biological processes in the body. In parallel, Clay also protects the gastro-intestinal tissues, can neutralize acid or alkaline excess and heal a food poisoning crisis, regulates bowel movement. 
Clay has been used for centuries for: 
· Detoxification - clays help to free the digestive tract and liver of harmful toxins released by bacteria, parasites, fungi. It is the first remedy for food poisoning.

· Help remove heavy/radioactive metals out of the system. Very useful for smokers whose systems will contain excessive cadmium. Effective for other types of toxicity, including mercury.

· Heartburn, stomachache, gastritis, stomach ulcer, flatulence, colitis, functional colopathy, food poisoning, abdominal bloating, diarrhea. This clay has powerful antibacterial properties - It can eliminate a number of deadly bacteria from the system. 

· It increases the body pH level, reducing acidity.

· Clay is very good at promoting regular bowel movements when used properly.

· Gingivitis, bad breath, stomatitis, dental abscess, mouth ulcers.

· Colds, rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchitis.

· Acidosis, hepatic dysfunction, intoxication, parasitosis. 

· Clay works effectively against fungi, namely candida 

- the most abundant fungus in our bodies which can lead to a number of illnesses if left untreated.

· Clay reportedly increases the T-cell count promoting immunity.

· Clay like Illite is ultra rich in minerals and trace elements and can be used as a mineral supplement in combination with plants extracts or herbal teas. Minerals present in clay include: aluminum, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, germanium, magnesium, manganese, phosphor, potassium, sulfur, selenium, silica, silicon and zinc.


Our intestinal tract gets clogged just like any sewage system would if it were abused over the years. Intestinal walls play a primary role in the absorption of nutrients and if they are covered in muck, the absorption is impeded, so the essential nutrients pass through the body without being absorbed. This may lead to all sorts of problems - low energy and irritable bowel, etc. Sun-dried Illite Clay is exceptionally versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways:

Clay can be taken orally to help eliminate toxins from the body and fight fatigue.

For those of you who do not use clay regularly ... It is highly recommended that you do a  21 day green clay De-Tox twice a year... 
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v Detox

Clays’ detoxifying properties are explained by two key factors.
1) It’s absorptive capacity is very high so it draws toxins out of the body effectively.
2) Its negative cumulative ionic charge which helps to attract and bind positively charged waste and eliminate it out of the body.
3) Clay acts like a sponge, attracting water and toxins not only to its negatively charged surface, but also inside the numerous canals in its crystalline structure. Heavy metals from fish, pesticides from fruits and vegetables, chemicals from water... We are all, you, me and the rest of the world, concerned by what is now called "body burden": the chemical pollution in our bodies.
5) Clay is a natural healer and acts softly but deeply on the body. Because Clay is a powerful natural medicine, gently start your clay detox cure with Clay Water. 
Yes! You can drink clay! It sounds strange, but you will soon find that you are craving for this very earthy taste for the great feeling of wellbeing it gives you inside. Clay removes chemicals, toxins and pollutants from your body and traps them. It does a thorough internal cleansing and also helps your body to get rid of bad bacteria, viruses and parasites. 

Clay is a very powerful natural remedy.

v Menstrual Symptoms
The clay mixture can also be used to relieve menstrual cramps; it is taken each morning during the first three weeks of the woman's cycle. After the flow begins, a warm clay poultice can be applied to the abdomen in the morning and evening.

v Bad Breath (Halitosis)
It's either a dental problem or -most likely- a digestive problem. Check with your dentist that nothing is wrong with your gums and teeth. If everything is clear on that side, take one glass of Green Clay water
morning and evening for 3 weeks. Gargle with Green Clay water, adding some sea salt. Avoid processed foods and reduce your meat and dairy intake. You may combine with Propolis or Sage herbal tea if available.

v Food poisoning antiserum for you or your pets
Drink clay water as soon as you see or feel symptoms like strong nausea and diarrhea. You may use bigger amounts of clay in this case to trap and neutralize the poison. 

French Green Clay for external use 

Illite clay is a valuable beauty treatment and is the main ingredient in many natural face masks, bath & spa products. It has a deep cleansing action, removes dead skin cells, absorbs impurities, excess
fats & oils to keep the skin smooth, fresh & radiant.

Illite clay is supplied in its natural dried form and can be used as a poultice for application to muscles, joints, sprains, slight wounds, infections, minor burns and much more.

v Used in a general bath or a foot bath, clays act as a very effective detoxifying remedy. For best results, internal clay use is recommended at the same time. 

v Used as a vaginal douche, it can help with many problems including Candida. 

v Used for hemorrhoids, clay helps heal them quickly. 

v Used for skin conditions - acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, illite clay draws toxins out and promotes healing. It is a Godsend for oily, problem skin - with its purifying, drying action.

v Used on burns /sunburn, cold clay compresses are the fastest healing and pain relieving remedy which helps regeneration of tissue and prevents formation of scars.

v Tense over-worked muscles – clay poultices/wraps will draw the lactic acid and relax the muscle.

v Cuts, bruises & abrasions – the clay’s absorptive, antiseptic, antibacterial and haemostatic qualities support the body’s natural curative abilities and greatly reduce healing time.

· Compress 
To make a compress, mix some clay with warm water to make it quite runny. Spread over a piece of cloth. Apply on an affected area. Cover with a compress paper, wrap up in a warm cloth. Leave on until the clay dries out. Apply on aching joints, muscles, in the area of organs affected by an illness.

· Poultice: A poultice has a much more powerful effect than a compress, since it requires a lot more clay per application. Pour the required quantity of Illite clay into a large glass bowl. Cover with water (1 - 2 cm) mix with a wooden spoon and allow up time for the clay to absorb the water. Mix to a smooth paste. Spread 0.5 - 2cm of paste onto a piece of gauze. Apply directly to the affected area, gauze uppermost, securing with a bandage. Leave in place for up to 2 hours but do not allow the paste to dry. Discard the poultice and re-apply a fresh one if required. 

It works as a mass, drawing up toxic waste into itself. The electromagnetic charge is stronger too. So the overall effect is more powerful. It is especially good for applications on an affected area or simply where a stronger action is required. If an area is hot and inflamed, a cold poultice application is recommended to relieve the heat and reduce the inflammation.

· Mineral Baths: Add a large handful of dried Green Clay to a deep 30 min bath to soften the skin & invigorate the system. To avoid problems with clogging water drains afterwards, keep stirring the water while it is being drained.

· Face Mask: To prepare a deep cleansing beauty face mask apply a thin layer of Green Clay paste to your entire face. Leave for 10 - 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. They are also excellent at restoring the natural pH of the skin and cleansing it. Acne is another skin condition which benefits from clay applications. Clay is a great detoxifyier, it leaves the skin cleansed, pink, fresh and revitalized, generally looking younger.

· Body Wrap 

Body wrap is another very useful application for French Green clays. It is a luxurious and thoroughly therapeutic treatment, especially with powdered seaweed added to it. Mix the clay with seaweed powder (50/50), add water to form a spreadable mass. To do it at home, prepare a place to lie on first, and a warm room. Lay down 1 or 2 warm blankets, with a plastic sheet on top. Cover yourself with the mixture of clay and water, or clay, seaweed and water, lie down on the plastic sheet, cover yourself with the remaining half of the blanket. Make sure you remain warm throughout. Stay under the blanket for 15-30 minutes. Wash off in a shower or a bath. For a salon application, follow the normal procedure for a body wrap. 

· Body Powder 
Use dry Green clay powder (especially Illite) on weeping eczema, ulcers, Athlete's foot,
any sores or wounds which need disinfection and healing.

· Tooth Powder/ Mouth infections 
Great for the gums, preventing the formation of plaque and mouth ulcers. If an inflammation of the gums or a mouth ulcer occurs, take some clay into your mouth and keep it there for a while (10-15 minutes). Do not swallow - rinse the mouth with warm water. Repeat the procedure frequently, until the inflammation goes away. 
It can also be used as tooth powder - it is excellent at removing plaque and whitening teeth, due to their bleaching properties (be careful not to over-use it for this purpose, since it can be abrasive and can wear down the enamel).



The absorbent power of this clay is extraordinary.

Clay has the power to attract and either absorb or stimulate the evacuation of toxic and non-useful elements. In general, clay has remarkable resistance to chemical agents and only the most energetic ones can attack it.

As a bacteria-destroying agent it can render contaminated water innocuous.

Its absorbent power has contributed to the elimination of the chemical taste of chloride in Paris water.

Raw eggs covered with clay lose three times more weight than if they remained in the open air, without causing any damage to the eggshell.

When clay is used as a body deodorant, or when smelling substances are mixed with the clay, the odor disappears, absorbed by the clay.

This action is far limited to only deodorization, but when ingested , it travels along the digestive path and uproots many unwelcome intrusive bodies, including gas.

Let's think of this wonderful absorbing power as a sponge effect.

The degree of the adsorbing power of this clay is another key to its wonderful healing abilities.

Let's keep things simple enough to understand...

Absorption of the impurities in the tissues, neutralizing and draining these impurities...draining off extra cellular level.

Adsorption means the pulling out of the impurities that are in a state of suspension in the body liquid (blood, lymph, bile) and then draining and eliminating them... Intra cellular level.

Clay considerably reduces the toxicity of harmful substances.

A famous incident that happened in France in which many dogs have been poisoned, but survived, thanks to the clay which had been put in their drinking water.

According to Dr Camberg ( a European doctor), clay takes care of any poisoning such as arsenic! One teaspoon of clay mixed in a glass of water every hour for 6 hours to be out of trouble.

As with all natural remedies, clay does not act specifically on one or several bacteria varieties ;rather it prevents their proliferation by reinforcing the defenses of the organism.

Contributing to the elimination of acids, clay favors a good pH of the blood. Let's think of this wonderful adsorbing power as a magnet effect. For healing and therapeutical purposes, this clay may be used externally and orally.

Eating clay can be a wonder-working cure!

Applied in poultices and compresses, clay provides numerous benefits.

It can heal sores and ulcers and aid in the rebuilding of healthy tissues and cells, and even of fractured bones and vertebrae.

Everything unhealthy and emiting negative radiations is irresistibly attracted to clay ( a brilliant positive pole) and becomes subject to immediate elimination.

Wherever there is a deficiency, clay seems to supply the needed substance regardless of whether or not the clay itself is rich in that substance.

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